Can the remainder/modulus operator be used with floating point operands?

The % operator, called the modulus or remainder operator, returns the remainder of two numbers. In C and C++, the remainder operator accepts only integral operands, but in the Java programming language, it also accepts floating-point operands. Remeber that the evaluation of a floating-point remainder operator % never throws a run-time exception, even if the right-hand operand is zero. Overflow, underflow, or loss of precision cannot occur. Examples:

5.0%3.0 produces 2.0
5.0%(-3.0) produces 2.0
(-5.0)%3.0 produces -2.0
(-5.0)%(-3.0) produces -2.0
5.0/0.0 produces NaN

For the detail information, please visit 15.17.3 Remainder Operator % in Java Language Specification.

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